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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

What is a Refund Policy?

Infig Assignment Help has a transparent and student-friendly refund policy strategized to strengthen the trustworthiness of our services. A refund policy is a protocol that allows you to ask for a refund if our services are found unsatisfactory at any point. This policy is formed to ensure a high level of client satisfaction and maintain a healthy relationship with them. Infig Assignment Help aims to reach the epitome of customer convenience and is against of becoming a roadblock in student happiness. 

Our team always strives to ensure the delivery of high-quality work alone, while our writers employ the maximum level of their writing skills towards the requirements of their students. Our entire platform functions by keeping ‘top scores’ as its primary objective. Still, in some cases, unfortunate incidents are to be expected wherein the writer may not be able to meet your expectations. This is majorly due to the involvement of human brains and skills in writing your papers, apart from any artificial influences. In such unexpected scenarios, our well-formulated refund policy can help you gain relief. 

How Does Your Refund Policy Work?

If you are new to our platform, you might face some confusion regarding the quality of our papers, often leading to a hesitation to make full payments. We have encountered similar cases before and directly witnessed their hesitation and confusion. Students are the most naive section of our population, and this digital age has only mushroomed the number of scammers. As a professional platform existing in such an ecosystem, we are responsible for proving our genuineness, especially to newcomers. So, as an effective solution, we have set up a partial payment and full payment policy for students. By choosing partial payment, you receive access to verify the quality of our services before confirming the same. After partial payment, you will receive the initial 50% of the work, based on which you can decide whether to go ahead with Infig Assignment Help. If you find our work satisfactory, you can clear the remaining payment. Otherwise, we will refund your payment after deducting the GST rates applied. On the other hand, if you choose our full payment and are disappointed in our work, we will refund your amount, after deducting GST. However, please note that a refund is not possible after doing any edits or corrections to the work. To receive their refunds, students must ensure that their dissatisfaction is duly conveyed before carrying out any sort of edits after delivery.

What Students Must Do?

After receiving our work, kindly go through the same thoroughly. Crosscheck whether our writer has included everything as per your request and is subject-oriented. This must be prioritized as we have a strict policy regarding the edits or correction work. You must submit your editing suggestions within 10 working days after delivery. Within this period, all the edits, irrespective of their gravity, will be free of cost. But, if you submit your editing suggestions after this 10-day timeline, additional costs might be charged based on the depth of the suggestions. 

If your editing requests major changes, resulting in an increase in word count or any other aspects that might conflict with the initially delivered work, you might receive an additional price quote. However, owing to our student-friendly nature, all these developments will be duly discussed and verified with you before any move from our side. Our customer care consists of responsive, understanding and empathetic executives, who have kept your happiness as their goal. So, please feel free to have regular conversations with them about your concerns, confusion and our refund criteria. They are always happy to guide you in the right direction!

You Must Take a Note of This Before Ordering Our Services!

Deadlines have a crucial role in deciding the total marks of your submission. Be it an assignment, thesis, dissertation or any other academic paper, the only way to please your professor is to submit outstanding content on the requested date alone. To make this possible, our entire team, including our writers and customer care professionals, relentlessly strive to prepare such a masterpiece on time. As a professional platform, we are bound to conduct our responsibilities without fail. Your collaboration with our platform is a two-way process where both parties must work hand-in-hand to stimulate high scores. Thereafter, students approaching us must ensure that they have fulfilled the below-mentioned criteria:

  • For subject-driven work like research reports, thesis, dissertations, etc., intense work is required that can demand substantial time and effort from our academic writers. In such cases, please ensure to approach us and suggest a deadline at least 2 weeks prior to the submission date. This will give a sufficient amount of time for both parties to work on editing, proofreading and final touch-up works, enhancing the quality of your paper.
  • Kindly cross-check the difficulty level and subject cruciality of your paper. This will prevent the suggestion of a hurried delivery date from your side, again increasing the quality scale of your work.
  • If you choose the partial payment option, please note that a reasonable delivery date from our side can be decided only after the delivery of this partial work. On the other hand, the full payment option guarantees the delivery of your work at least 2 days before the exact submission date.
  • Please note that the delivery dates of crucial subject-oriented work like dissertations, thesis and so on, from our side, may vary depending on the nature of the work and word limit. 
What if I need a refund after ordering from Infig Assignment Help?

As per our policy, refunds after ordering our service are purely based on the work status. Firstly, you must contact our customer care team to learn about the present status of your order. If our writer hasn’t started your paper, then you can claim your refund after deducting the GST. In all the other cases, the refund strictly depends on the writing status of your paper. Since your satisfaction is our primary concern, you can confidently contact us to have a discussion with our team regarding your refund demands. 

Our Payment Methods:

All the transactions are strictly conducted through online payment gateways alone. Refunds cannot be made in cash. You must use a UPI or other online gateway to receive them.


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