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Revision Policy

Revision Policy

Infig Assignment Help promises our students an experience worth remembering. We are on a mission to become their permanent partner for academic papers. Thereafter, every single feature of our platform can be found strictly revolving around student convenience. We have recruited veteran writers to our academic writing team to ensure that there is no downfall in terms of the quality of the paper delivered. Keeping this in mind, our writers are continuously refining their skills to captivate high scores through their writings. Still, there can be unpredictable situations wherein you can get disappointed by our services. The reasons can vary, starting from inadequate information, deviation from the requirements, incorrect sources, and so on. As your well-wishers with the strongest desire to make our collaboration productive at every point, we have a perfect remedy strategized to tackle such circumstances. We have created a revision policy framework for times when you are dissatisfied with our services. Let us guide you to our policy conditions, which you should be aware of while approaching our platform.

Our Revision Policy Prescribes These Rules

Infig Assignment Help is very flexible when it comes to offering comprehensive services to students. However, there are some exceptions:

  • We will be committed to a fixed format, structure and word limit before starting the work. Any changes to these ‘initial-stage’ details during the revision request will be considered as a new work, making the same applicable to extra charges.
  • All the extra charges applied to your papers during the revision stage are strictly based on the nature and volume of the work. To get an idea about the exact cost, you must contact our customer care team for a detailed discussion.
  • Kindly note that we offer a maximum limit of 3 rounds of revision for editing works having a large-scale volume. Since papers like research, dissertations, thesis, etc., demand an increased word limit and groundwork, the respective revision work will equally require substantial effort. This may or may not invite additional charges. Henceforth, for such cases, to avoid any confusion between both parties, students must directly contact our customer care to clarify their revision requirements.  
  • Your revision demands will be thoroughly crosschecked before arriving at further decisions. Kindly note that we won’t be responsible for the correctness or plagiarism of content added by the student after the delivery of their work from our side. 
  • The turnaround time of the revised paper depends on the depth of your demands. To make your paper outstanding, our writers prefer to avoid rushed editing without proper background work. Therefore, first, you must contact our customer care executives with your revision requests. They will evaluate the same in terms of the volume of the edit and subject cruciality. Based on the resulting conclusions, a suitable turnaround time will be notified to you.
  • You should contact us for revision requirements within one week after the delivery of your paper. This rule is employed to prevent confusion, unavailability of the appointed writer and similar scenarios that can occur due to increased time intervals between our delivery and your revision demands. 
  • Students can ask for a revision request after our 1-week thumb rule, only in the case of unforeseen or extreme special cases. You can talk to our customer care to explain the same. However, remember that the final decision regarding whether they should exempt you from charging additional costs or not, solely rests on our team.
  • We are here to support you throughout the writing and revising process. If you need assistance or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us during our office hours.
  • Your revised paper will be delivered on the agreed date, but a delay can happen during public holidays and festival days. Thus, it is wise to coordinate the delivery dates accordingly after discussing with our team. 

Take Special Care of These Points

  • Kindly note that revision doesn’t mean to re-write the entire work. 
  • If the revision limit set by our team is over, your paper will be applicable to additional charges.
  • If your current revision requirements are based on the latest set of guidelines from your institution or professor, different from the committed ones, the same will be considered as a new task and charged accordingly.
  • As mentioned earlier, all extra research work or any effort that can conflict with the initial work will be considered chargeable.
  • Infig Assignment Help has the right to cancel your revision demand if any of the above policies and guidelines are found to be violated from your side. 
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