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How to Write a Dissertation – An Ultimate Guide Prepared by Academic Experts

how to write dissertation
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Do you know why it is important to understand how to write a dissertation? World-famous scientists like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Richard Feynman, etc., initially proposed innovative ideas and theories related to their respective fields through their dissertation papers. This strongly highlights the reality that each dissertation paper has the extraordinary power to create waves in the scientific and technological world by paving the way to the latest discoveries. Thus, as a student, it is your responsibility to give prime importance and value to your dissertation paper it needs. This is why we have prepared this guide to write the perfect dissertation for students who often find it complicated to draft one.

What is dissertation?

A dissertation is similar to a year-ending exam of an academic degree. You will be allocated an advisor, and under their guidance, you must conduct research on any topic in your field, which industry experts will further evaluate. The decision of whether you are qualified to bear your academic degree will be purely based on your dissertation. Additionally, you must give a dissertation defense, which is a verbal presentation of your topic.

Check Out the Guidelines to Find Out How to Write Dissertation Step by Step

How to write a dissertation is a common query among students. However, the truth is that the way you approach your dissertation can create a miracle in your academic life. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to create an impact in your branch of study through your dissertation or simply submit a very rushed paper. If you have chosen the former, our academic experts have suggested a set of guidelines that can compel you to follow a disciplined routine throughout your dissertation submission process:

Select a relevant topic

Writing on any generic topic won’t do any good for you. Though it seems tedious, selecting a topic wisely might become one of the most significant decisions in your academic life, creating an exclusive pathway toward a successful career and achievements in your field.

Schedule your time

Chart a schedule by keeping specific times for different phases involved in writing a dissertation. This organized approach will help you craft an amazing paper before the submission date.

Adhere to a structure

Choosing a dissertation format will make your job much easier. This will bring an organic flow to your paper and help you include all the information you have gathered without overstuffing information. It will also improve its readability for those assessing it.

Consider the word limit

Though there is no ideal word limit for a dissertation, it is always better to fix a word count to avoid any chances of making your reader bored. Additionally, you can get rid of adding irrelevant information or paragraphs by fixing a certain word limit.

Choose a writing style

Most universities and schools set guidelines for a particular writing style for dissertations. However, for the rest of the cases, it is up to you to adopt a formal and captivating vocabulary, sentence framing, and writing style while drafting your dissertation. 

Rely on your advisor

Always consult your advisor at every stage of your research and writing process. This will help you avoid incorrect facts, data, and information in your paper. Additionally, you must not keep your concerns and queries to the last minute as it will only get hectic and burdening. Regular meetings will help you make corrections, without wasting any time.

Format and proofread

Make your paper undergo multiple proofreadings and formats before the final draft. This will upgrade the quality of your paper and make it worth of getting high scores and applause from experts.

Things You Must Know on How to Write a Better Quality Dissertation

The prime objective of your dissertation is to satisfy your audience. This perspective will help you in the process of drafting your paper. While writing arguments, consider whether they sound true or reasonable. If you don’t feel so, stop holding yourself back from cutting it off and concentrating only on the relevant arguments. Additionally, making connections between each chapter will lead your paper to a unified product addressing a topic. The absence of logical structure between chapters will create confusion and make your dissertation pointless. Create a perfect paper by including thought-provoking, readable, and impactful content.

Find out the proper format for writing a dissertation step by step!

Since you are all set to produce a revolutionary dissertation, let us contribute to it by giving you the proper format on how to write a compelling dissertation step by step:

Title page

After consulting your advisor about whether your institution prefers a certain format for the title page, create one by including the name of your program, university, and submission date.


Including an honest acknowledgment will impress your reader along with reflecting your genuine gratitude towards all the individuals who supported you in creating the dissertation.


For this, you need to provide a 300-500 word summary of your topic and the points you will discuss in your paper. Don’t forget that your abstract must not include any sentences that reflect the concluding statement of your dissertation.

Table of Contents

With correct page numbers, include all the sections, chapters, and sub-sections so that your reader can easily navigate your dissertation.

List of Figures

This section is like a table of contents for the figures and tables in your dissertation. So, include a full list of the tables and figures with their correct page numbers at the beginning of your paper.

Literature Review

Address the issues and information about the topic. Fill the research gaps with the data and analysis you have made. In short, this part must include how your paper is the solution for the topic. Additionally, you can include existing findings or theories about the topic for a well-rounded approach.


As the name suggests, this section must deal with the methodologies adopted to create your dissertation. The sources you relied on for the research, the modes of data collection, the ways you checked the credibility of the information you collected, the tools used to implement the same, involvement of any location, if any, and so on, must be addressed here.


Explore your findings here and relate them to your topic. Try to introduce a discovery you have made that further supports the arguments presented in your paper.


Discuss how the findings you made changed your perspectives about the topic and if it follows the theoretical framework. Here, you can also highlight your discoveries or new theories in the paper.


By not introducing any new topic or argument, re-evaluate your paper and try to analyse whether you have ultimately met the purpose of writing your dissertation.


Follow the guidance of your advisor to list the citations of the sources you have used to write your paper. Make sure not to miss out on any of them, as it can lead your paper to receive copyright violations.


This part must comprise the non-essential aspects relevant to your paper, like maps, interview extracts, conversations, etc. These will supplement your paper even though you did not in the main body part of your dissertation.

Why do students require an ultimate guide to write the perfect dissertation?

Work on Your Skills

Depending on a blog like this prepared by professional writers or on the writing skills of a dissertation writer will help you get an idea about the whole process of a dissertation, thereby equipping you to write on your own in the future.

Proper Guidance

Depending on a dissertation guide like this will give you the necessary guidance to write a perfect paper.


A dissertation guide will have enough patience and compassion to understand your dilemma and act accordingly.

Build Your Confidence

Working with an expert or following the instructions given in an informative blog like this will strengthen and motivate you to write a compelling paper.

Get Mind Blowing Results

Only a professional dissertation guide can give you a spectacular paper that follows all the protocols and is relevant to the core.

Do you face these problems while writing your dissertation?

Dissertation writing is an area that even the brightest students may find difficult to crack. This is mainly due to the high level of research, planning, time, and energy required to produce a unique and compelling paper. Therefore, students are expected to feel anxious during the entire process. We have listed some common problems faced by students when working on a dissertation:

Lack of planning

The absence of a proper understanding of how to write a dissertation through a strategic approach can lead you to procrastinate and stress about your paper. This will do nothing less than lower the quality of your paper.

Failing to meet the prescribed standards

A dissertation is an important evaluation criterion for all academic institutions. Therefore, they have already put forth a set of protocols in terms of presentation, writing style, font, text size, language, formatting, etc. You have to adhere to them and present a dissertation that includes everything they have stated.

Inability to do in-depth research

Not every student is blessed with advanced research capabilities. However, you must showcase strong research material in your dissertation to get good grades and receive an academic degree.

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Tips for writing a perfect dissertation

Learning about the entire strategies of how to write a dissertation is not enough to create a genuine paper. You must follow these tips alongside your strategic procedures for writing your paper:

  • Remember that dissertation work is slow-paced. So, don’t get discouraged or bored right from the beginning.
  • Try to meet your advisor regularly and integrate their feedback. 
  • Chart a plan, mention your goals, and proceed accordingly.
  • Allot specific hours for working on your dissertation without disrupting your daily routine and academic work.
  • Apart from leaving room for writing, make sure to leave sufficient time for detailed proofreading, editing, and formatting your paper.
  • Don’t try to allocate a continuous 3-4-hour duration for your dissertation, as it will only tire you. 1 hour can be a maximum time frame.
  • Prioritize dissertation tasks and stick to the time limits.
  • Bring a balance between your dissertation work, normal academic work, and personal life.
  • Stay away from social media while working on your paper.
  • Create to-do lists and worksheets.
  • Have backup activities in case you feel burned out.
  • Maintain a separate journal for your dissertation work.
  • Reflect on your past experiences and combine them while doing your present work.
  • Try to break the tasks to do them more efficiently.
  • Get advice from your mentors and seniors.
  • Imagine working in a highly professional world and preparing your dissertation, for a greater cause.


We hope this blog helped you get a clear idea about how to write a dissertation. Through this blog, we intend to inspire students to write authentic dissertation papers, without going for shortcuts like copy-pasting from other sources. Since your findings and conclusions have a chance of changing the present scenario of your academic branch, why not put a deliberate effort into making it happen by following this guide?

If you are still struggling with the deadlines and anxious about your calibre in writing a dissertation, you can confide in us by contacting our dissertation writers. Through their years of experience in handling crucial dissertation papers, including their own, they have a massive record of helping several students achieve their goals. You can be a part of this by getting in touch with our platform and allowing us to be your dissertation guide. Also, you can share your concerns and opinions about this blog in the comments below. 


There is no fixed word limit for dissertations. However, as per our academic experts, the approximate word count for bachelor’s dissertation papers is 10000–15000 words, for master’s it is 18000–22000 words, and for doctorate level, it is 80000–100000 words.

Just like word limit, there are no ideal limitations for page count required for dissertation papers in various academic levels. However, a rough page count for a bachelor’s dissertation is 35–50 pages, 65–80 pages for master’s, and 200–300 pages for doctorate-level papers.

Yes, it is, but only if you invest a lot of time, hard work, dedication, and sacrifices to make it possible. Since dissertation papers of any level require immense research and time management while managing your academic life and personal life, it can be a challenging affair to make the effort to complete your paper within 2 months. However, you can earn it if you try for it.

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