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Detailed Guide on How to Write IGNOU Assignment in 2024

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How to write IGNOU assignment and earn a good score? How to crack the latest version of guidelines? These must be the most nerve-racking questions you must be having for a really long time. Well, time to end it once and for all, as we are here with a blog that covers every single element you must be aware of while writing assignments for IGNOU. By the end of this blog, we are confident that you will be a master in it.

What is an IGNOU Handwritten Assignment?

The most popular and significant criterion of IGNOU is their handwritten assignments. With an intention to compel students to frame their ideas and get thorough with the concepts more deeply, the university has been religiously following this guideline. IGNOU handwritten assignment must be written on an A4 size sheet with a black or blue ballpoint pen with neat and readable handwriting. Students must ensure that their content is readable, and yes, you can write on both sides of the paper.

What are the Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Writing IGNOU Assignments?

As an IGNOU assignment writer, it is your responsibility to fact-check and learn about the necessary criteria to be followed while writing the paper. We have listed the information you are looking for. So, relax and just go through them!

Comprehend the Assignment

As a writer, your first job must be to understand the topic, analyse it and think about how to convey your thoughts effectively. Don’t ever let stress get to the top of your head and write your paper in a rush.

Don't Make Your Content 'Wordy'

Always remember that the evaluators check the knowledge depth of a student, rather than their extraordinary grasp over vocabulary. So, always use common words and their synonyms that are mostly used.

Avoid Confusion Through Technical Jargon

Apart from difficult vocabulary, another factor you must be aware of while writing an IGNOU handwritten assignment is technical jargon. Their heavy usage might confuse the reader and also, divert the actual meaning of the content. 

Always Write a Logical Conclusion

On a daily basis, faculties must go through numerous assignment papers, and your paper should stay apart from them. An easy technique to make this possible is to give an eye-catching, summarized and organic conclusion, which can also ease the work of the reader.

Neat Handwriting

The most important factor you must be careful of on how to prepare IGNOU handwritten assignment is your handwriting. No reader will consider going through the paper if it is submitted in the most untidy and unreadable text. So, as a writer, give extra care to your handwriting.

How to Write IGNOU Assignment?

Our IGNOU assignment experts have suggested a list of points to follow while writing your paper. As academic professionals with substantial experience, we strongly advise you to read these points and apply them to confirm high scores from the strict IGNOU professors.

  1. Read the instructions carefully. Note the word limit prescribed for each question and follow accordingly.
  2. A4-sized ruled or plain paper must be used with a 4 cm margin on the left. Leave sufficient space between each answer for comments, and make sure to staple the pages in the correct order. 
  3. Avoid copying answers or using any AI tools. Professors will strictly check the same.
  4. Write the content as per your understanding and knowledge of the concepts.
  5. Before writing the answer, come up with an analytical and logical rough framework.
  6. Make sure you are writing your points in an organic and logical order.
  7. If your answer is long, make sure to give a proper introduction and conclusion.
  8. After writing the IGNOU handwritten assignment papers, separate them course-wise using specific files for each.
  9. Give a specific cover page for every course or subject.
  10. You must be careful while sending your papers. You must not send the same to the Regional Evaluation Centre or Student Evaluation Division. Instead, you should submit your paper to the respective coordinator of the study centre allocated to you.
  11. You can go for postal submission or the in-person option. 
  12. If submitted in person, make sure to collect the submission receipt and if by post, collect the post number and keep it safely.
  13. If you have already submitted the application to change your study centre, then, wait till the official confirmation before submitting your assignment paper.
  14. Ensure that the university website shows the assignment paper submitted from your side for the respective course code with your admission details.
  15. IGNOU prefers handwritten assignments, and typed ones will be instantly rejected.
  16. Don’t ever use very thin or low-quality papers for writing your assignment.
  17. If possible, it is better to attach the question paper along with your assignment paper.


How to Write IGNOU Assignment With a Proper Front Page Format?

The first page or cover page of your assignment must not be taken lightly. Our expert writers have seen many of their clients approaching them for proper guidance on what should be included on the front page, conveying its significance. Your front page must include your details, like name, enrollment number, course code, study centre code, regional centre code, phone number and such fundamental details. Additionally, you must cross-check whether the details you have entered are correct.

Check Out The Tips for IGNOU Handwritten Assignments

As an assignment writer, you must make your reader engaged and compelled to give good marks for your paper. These tips on handwritten assignment for IGNOU will help you clear this part:

Make your content relevant

Your reader is definitely a wise person with substantial subject knowledge. So, make sure to fact-check and conclude whether the information is relevant and up to the point.

Depend on the right source

You must ensure that the content is written based on reliable sources. Taking references or guidance from the wrong sources can result in making your content go wrong, thereby decreasing your grades.

Present your paper neatly

Give sufficient space after your answers, and write your solutions concisely. Giving graphical representations is a perfect way to impress your reader.

Never go wrong in your language

Make sure your content is free from spelling mistakes and is in perfect grammar. Go for multiple proofreading and if possible, take a third-party opinion. 

Why Do Students Regularly Hire Our IGNOU Assignment Writers?

Our platform has hired expert PhD holders in various subjects. Some of them have earned their qualifications from IGNOU itself, establishing their eligibility to write handwritten assignments prescribed specifically by IGNOU. Thereafter, our assignment writing services have massive popularity amongst the student community, and our strategic and honest approach makes it extra special and genuine.

What is the Last Date to Submit IGNOU Assignments?

Students must take extra care about the submission dates as they won’t be allowed to take the exams if found unsubmitted. Visit the official website of IGNOU to know the exact last date. However, they have given 31st March 2024, as the final date of submission, which again might be tentative.

What are The Steps to Be Taken to Submit IGNOU Assignments?

Students can hand over their IGNOU handwritten assignment through online or offline methods. Below, we have given a detailed guide on how to submit your paper both online and offline ways:

IGNOU Online Assignments

  • Visit the IGNOU website. Make sure that you are logged in to their official website.
  • On their official page, go to the news and events section.
  • Here, you will see Assignment Submission or Assignment Guidelines. Select it to start the process.
  • Fill out the submission form. Give correct information against your name, course code, and similar valid sections.
  • Finally, attach the scanned copy of your paper.

IGNOU Offline Assignments

  • If you prefer offline mode, you can submit your paper to the coordinator of your study centre. Make sure that you have given your entire details on the front page.


That was all about the top-to-bottom information on how to write IGNOU assignment. IGNOU is one of the most famous academic labels. Receiving a degree from such a renowned place is like an honour for students and to make this possible, you must clear the mandatory assignment submission part. Though it seems a bit tiresome, this blog can be treated as a handy source while writing and submitting your handwritten paper. 

If you are still in doubt, you can confidently reach out to our team. We have a team of assignment experts specifically trained in IGNOU assignments. Their expertise on how to write an IGNOU assignment will help you submit a classy and striking paper, enough to bag high scores. Let us know in the comments about your queries and opinions about this write-up.


50% is considered the minimum cut-off for getting a pass in assignment submission. The evaluators primarily consider the content, logic, presentation style and neatness as parameters for grading. As your papers will be evaluated by subject matter experts, give extra attention to the details included.

Approximately 2000 words or 4-5 pages is considered ideal for 20 marks IGNOU assignment question. The word limit includes an introduction and conclusion. If the content is formulated after referring to multiple sources, try to cite them accordingly.

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