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How To Write a Bibliography for An Assignment – Pro Tips for Students

how to write a bibliography for an assignment
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Congratulations on finding this page in your search for ‘how to write a bibliography for an assignment.’ The good news is that this blog provides everything you need to know about this important yet daunting question. From understanding what a bibliography is to providing a detailed checklist for validating your bibliography, we cover it all.

What Is a Bibliography?

The term “bibliography” is derived from the Greek words ‘biblion’ and ‘graphia,’ meaning book and writing, respectively. It refers to a list of sources that a writer has consulted for insights in composing a paper. The bibliography is typically added at the end of the paper.

Why Is Writing a Bibliography for An Assignment Required?

Like any other academic writing, a bibliography for assignments is an essential requirement. It allows you to list every piece of literature that you have consulted to inform your writing. Moreover, a detailed bibliography in assignment contributes to your credibility as genuine assignment writers.

Different Types of Bibliography Used in Assignments

Delving deeper into ‘how to write a bibliography for an assignment,’ another big question arises: what type of bibliography does your assignment require? Here, we’ll try to understand the four main types of bibliographies and what each entails.

Analytical Bibliography

Analytical Bibliography looks into the physical aspects of a book such as its printing details, the type of material used in the binding, etc. This type of bibliography is usually found in historical research or literary projects.

Annotated Bibliography

As the name suggests, an annotated bibliography will contain a brief overview of the source along with its usual details such as the name of the author and year of publication.

Enumerative Bibliography

An enumerative bibliography will just give a direct list of the sources used for a paper. It won’t contain any additional explanation. Depending on the focus of the source, enumerative bibliography is classified into: 

  • General bibliography: Here, the writer is expected to give a broad list of the sources they have consulted in the research in a certain field or domain. 
  • Subject bibliography: The subject bibliography contains the list of sources that a writer has used on a certain subject or topic. It makes finding materials on that subject or topic easier for the readers. 
  • Language bibliography: Here, the focus is on the list of sources available or consulted on a subject in a specific language. There is no emphasis on the subject matter expert. 
  • National Bibliography: The national bibliography lists sources originating from a specific country during the research work of the writer. 
  • Regional Bibliography: Similar to a national bibliography, a regional bibliography entails the list of sources from a particular region or administrative territory that the writer has relied on.

Single-Author Bibliography

Single-Author Bibliography will contain the works of only one author. This type of bibliography is helpful for students who want to research or know more about the contributions of a particular author.

Selected Bibliography

Selected bibliography, as it may suggest, is a list of selected or curated sources used in the writing of an academic research paper or assignment. The selection is done based on the relevance of sources to the topic. 

The Checklist to Write a Bibliography for Assignment

The information and order required in a bibliography vary by type. Here’s a general checklist of essential details for most bibliographies:

  1. Finalize the sources/materials you are going to use in the bibliography
  2. Go over each source shortlisted to get a precise overview 
  3. Distinguish the type of source – website/journal/book/interview 
  4. Get the proper name of the author in the correct format as per the citation style
  5. Identify the publication title
  6. Record the publication date
  7. Note the place of publication
  8. Specify the publisher
  9. Include the volume or part number (for books)
  10. Mention specific page or paragraph numbers where applicable

How To Write a Bibliography for An Assignment?

When you need to solve the question of ‘how to write a bibliography for an assignment,’ the first thing to address is determining the required bibliography style. There are different styles of bibliographies, with popular ones being MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association), Chicago, Harvard, and AMA (American Medical Association). Below, you will find how to use each style for bibliography writing, using The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell as an example:

APA (American Psychological Association)

APA style focuses on the author and year of publication.

Format: Last name of the author followed by first name initial, (Year). Title of the book. Place: Publisher.

Example: Russell, B. (1912). *The Problems of Philosophy*. London: Williams and Norgate.

MLA (Modern Language Association)

It emphasizes the book title by italicizing it

Format: Author’s Last Name, First Name. Book title. Publisher, Year of Publication.

Example: Russell, Bertrand. *The Problems of Philosophy*. Williams and Norgate, 1912.


Similar to APA and may contain extra details depending on the edition.

Format: Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication.

Example: Russell, Bertrand. *The Problems of Philosophy*. London: Williams and Norgate, 1912.


Harvard style uses a date-author format followed by the book’s title in italics.

Format: Author’s Last Name, First name as initial, Year. Title of the book. Place of Publication: Publisher.

Example: Russell, B., 1912. *The Problems of Philosophy*. London: Williams and Norgate.

AMA (American Medical Association):

AMA shares similarities with the APA style with the major difference being the use of the first name initial. 

Format: Author’s Last Name followed by first name initial. Title of the book. Place of Publication: Publisher; Year.

Example: Russell B. *The Problems of Philosophy*. London: Williams and Norgate; 1912.

Why Do Students Choose Us to Write Bibliography for Assignment?

Most institutions place a heavy emphasis on the correct formatting of bibliographies for assignments. One of the reasons students fail their assignments or end up getting poor scores is due to flaws in assignment formatting, especially in the format of bibliography for assignment. In this context, professionals at Infig Assignment Help are a great resource for students who struggle with this aspect. We have experienced scholars familiar with all types of bibliography styles. Depending on the assignment requirements, we will incorporate the correct style and help you complete your assignments with ease. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with how to write a bibliography for an assignment or example of bibliography.

In What Ways Are References Different from A Bibliography?

While it is a common belief among students that references and bibliographies are the same, there are differences. References are shorter and list only the sources you cited in your work, whereas a bibliography is a broader list of sources. It includes all the literature you have referred to, regardless of whether you cited them or not.


A detailed and well-organized bibliography for assignment shows that you have approached the task seriously and professionally. It enhances the credibility of your work and enables readers to easily locate the sources you used.

We hope this blog has helped you understand how to write a bibliography for an assignment. Are you ready to start writing your bibliography now? Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts about this topic or need to see an example of a bibliography for an assignment.


A bibliography is a detailed list of all the references you have used for an academic project. It only lists the details of the materials used. On the other hand, a literature review gives a summary of the existing literature on a particular topic you are writing about in the academic paper.

A preliminary bibliography is a tentative list of sources you plan to use to inform your academic writing. It is not final, and you are free to modify it as you delve deeper into your research and realize that additional sources need to be included.


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